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September Newsletter

Fall classes, exciting workshops (Lennart and eWa!), more social dances, practices sessions, and more! Plus the floor has been refinished with an amazing new varnish!

Upcoming Classes
Upcoming Special Event: Lindy Harvest
Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Classes

Repeat-a-class offering
Perhaps you've noticed some people take a class twice? You may reserve a spot in any class you've taken before for a 50% discount. Excludes Lindy Hop 3, and each class has a one-year expiry.

Volunteer program
We often are short on either leads or follows for any given class. We will often do call outs for volunteers who've recently completed the class we're needing helpers for - at no charge. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page or let us know your interest by emailing Currently, Krista and Birkley handle call-outs.

We are currently looking for leads for our Monday and Wednesday level one classes (A/B/C) and would be happy to have people sign up for the repeat-a-class or volunteer program offerings!

Monday Classes (September 16 - October 7):

Jitterbug Swing 1: Complete or Accelerated Programs (Sept 16 - Dec 16/Nov 18)
Our twelve week Jitterbug Swing series is our featured level 1 swing dance program. Centred around teaching dancers the incredible dance Lindy Hop, we also cover jive/6-count and Charleston to make it a comprehensive beginner track. And for those wanting to get it done quicker, you can checkout our accelerated schedule: two parts in Sept-Oct, and one part in Oct-Nov.

Lindy Hop 2: Complete Program (Sept 16 - Dec 16)
This twelve-week level two (intermediate) swing dance program takes a beginner knowledge of Lindy Hop much further. As a recently solidified program, this program was developed to refine a variety of dance techniques and fundamentals, provide a wealth of new moves and styling, and introduce dancers to more advanced topics such as musicality and solo movement. The lessons also include four weeks dedicated to furthering your comprehension of Charleston, the father of Lindy Hop!

Jitterbug Swing A: (Sept 16 - Oct 7 @ 6pm)
Intended for new dancers to be introduced to swing dancing. This is a nice beginner-oriented 4 week class to get your feet wet - with a little jive! We focus only on Jive/East-Coast/6-count Lindy patterns in this series, starting from scratch.

Jitterbug Swing B: (Sept 16 - Oct 7 @ 7:10pm)
Jitterbug Swing part B is the definitive beginner Lindy Hop class. All the cool swing dancing in movies is Lindy; it is both a sensational performance dance, as well as a casual, social 'street dance', danced by people both young and old. Please note: Jitterbug Swing A is recommended but not required before taking this course.

Lindy Hop 2B (Sept 16 - Oct 7 @ 8:20pm)
The next step after the Jitterbug series, with prereqs of Jitterbug Swing B and C required in all cases. Take any of the level 2 courses in any order!

Tuesday Classes (September 10 - October 8):

West African - Open Level (Sept 17 - Oct 29 @ 6pm)
6-weeks with live drummers!

With African drummers once every three weeks, Masani's approach to teaching African is through lots of repetition, follow-along, dancing to lots of music, and some explanation. Because of her incredible ability to add or subtract complexity to each dance move, this class is appropriate for beginners and intermediate dancers, ie, "open level".

Tap 1 - Complete Program ( Sept 10 - Oct 8/Dec 10 @ 7:10pm)
Available in 4-week parts or 12-week option (A/B/C)
This is a beginner level tap class! Our adult tap classes are for those interested in learning tap for enjoyment and leaning, it's for that reason why Jamie Ausmus, our instructor LOVES teaching here.
Tap 1A: New to tap. Tap 1B/1C: Beginner tap - completely new dancers may be challenged. Our 12-week tap program includes Tap 1A,1B, and 1C.

Tap 2 - Complete Program (Sept 10 - Oct 8/Dec 10 @ 8:20pm)
Available in 4-week parts or 12-week option (A/B/C)

A true intermediate tap class for people with past experience, and those who love tap! Take this class if you have a good grasp of the fundamentals.

Wednesday Classes (September 18 - October 9):

Lindy Hop 3A (Sept 18 - Oct 9 @ 6pm)
Intermediate-advanced four week class series intended for enthusiasts. Take your skills to the next level!

Jitterbug Swing A (Sept 18 - Oct 9 @ 7:10pm)
Intended for new dancers. This is a nice beginner-oriented 4 week class to get your feet wet - with a little jive! We focus only on Jive/East-Coast/6-count patterns in this series, starting from scratch. Sign up for the complete program!

Sweetheart Swing 1A (Sept 18 - Oct 9 @ 8:20pm)
Sweetheart Swing is our partners-only introduction to swing dance. Bring your sweetheart for this 4-week series (or if you have a dance partner of non-sweetness, that's cool too) This class is fun and easy, intended for beginner dancers!

Friday Classes (September 13 - October 4):

Sweetheart Swing 1A (Sept 13 - Oct 4 @ 6pm) Make it an old-fashioned date night! Sweetheart Swing is our partners-only introduction to swing dance. This class is fun and easy, intended for beginner dancers!

Lindy Harvest: Hot Shots!

5th Year Anniversary
October 15-20

We are pleased to host Lennart Westerlund and eWa Burak of Sweden!

They are incredible artists and modern-day legends of lindy hop who have both contributed substantially to the foundation and progression of the Harlem Hot Shots, Rhythm Hot Shots, and the famous Herrang Dance Camp!

eWa, or "W", often taught with Frankie Manning at Herrang and elsewhere. She has performed lindy, tap, and jazz since the 80's with the Hot Shots, and continues to teach and dance today. Lennart is the iconic figure of Herrang Dance Camp and saw to the formation and evolution of the camp since its birth over 30 years ago. He also performed with and later directed both the Rhythm and Harlem Hot Shots throughout for many years. Both Lennart and W have learned from many stunning masters of lindy and tap, including Frankie Manning, Al Minns, the Nicholas brothers, and Leonard Reed. Their perspectives on dance is unique, and they have much to share. Here's what's in store:

October 18-20: Weekend Workshop
Two tracks, Intermediate and Advanced
Live music with Sexual Chocolate

October 15-18: Evening Classes
Two incredible dance presentations
Classes in solo jazz, tap, lindy hop, and airsteps (tbc)!

Sugar Swing can't wait to welcome it's first Hot Shots! Get in on the fun by registering online at

For more information on Lennart Westerlund, visit And also, see the Sugar Swing website's workshop page for a rare 90's vintage clip of Lennart and eWa performing for TV!

Upcoming Events

Balboa Practice Sessions - Saturdays at 6:30pm
Lindy Hop Practice Sessions - Saturdays at 5:30pm

Sugar Swing is starting practices in Balboa and Lindy Hop later this month! For a mere ~$5 drop-in fee, keeners and enthusiasts of all levels can participate in an open practice session of 1hr. We will have them hosted by local dancers and will provide some fun, casual direction and exercises during the sessions. Birkley is looking for people to help lead each practices - the commitment would be monthly, along with three other different hosts per dance type. Please email him if you're interested!


Sugar Foot Stomp is Sugar Swing's weekly Saturday night dance, held at the Sugar Foot Ballroom (10545 81 Ave). The evening begins at 8pm with a one-hour dance lesson for new dancers, and is followed by 3 hours of deejayed social dancing. Cost is $12 with the lesson (non-members), and $10 for just the dance with discounts for members and students!


Working hard to bring you variety and social dance, Thursday Dances will either be Jump Sessions or Ivory Blues & Swing nights. Jump Sessions and Ivory Blues & Swing alternates each week. Be sure to check out the Facebook Group for community discussions on the events, or the website for the calendar of upcoming/future Thursday dances.

Check our Facebook page and website for upcoming special dance events at the Ballroom! Facebook

Out of Town Events

In Alberta...

Harlem Paradise - Calgary

November 15-17
Starring Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg! This is a killer weekend of dancing, workshops, and music! This event is just a stone's throw away in Calgary. And if you don't know about Kevin and Jo, you gotta check them out on Youtube.

In BC...

Rocky Victoria Lindy Exchange - Victoria

October 25-27
A neat event with great live music in Victoria BC! An exchange is basically an excuse to meet lots of great dancers in other cities, and to dance to lots of awesome live music. Their line up of bands is very very good this year too.

...And beyond!

Frankie 100 - Registration - New York

September 19 at 3pm
This global event, happening in May 2014 in New York, is expected to host several thousand lindy hoppers. And it IS expected to sell out within minutes of registration opening. Registration goes up for North America at 3pm our time - if you want to get in, register at 3pm.

Thank You's

Very late update, but there cannot be enough said to all of you who volunteered for Summer Solstice. This first-time Edmonton event was truly a success, and would not have been possible without the dedication and support of the volunteers.

The floors have recently been refinished! Thank you to these lovely volunteers: Pierre, Read, Brettan, Erika, Kirsten H

And, of course a shout out to our regular volunteers, without who we could not have weekly dances! Kim, Erika, Brettan, Nestor, Rebecca, Nicolette, Rhema, Maria, Kirsten H, and others!

Sugar Swing Explained

Both Thursday and Saturday dances are coordinated by Birkley, but are organized on a weekly basis by Tom, Clark, Krystal, Lindsay, Read, Sandie, and sometimes Birkley. Amandine is in charge of the cafe bar; Birkley coordinates deejay training, instructor training, and live music bookings. The Organizers are in charge of each dance, and see to it that the dances have door volunteers, deejays, and instructors to make each dance event happen. Sometimes they will host a special themed night too! In any case, as you can see, lots of people are involved with making the dances happen.


Mad Cat Swing - This swing dance performance group usually sends out 2, 4, or 6+ dancers to entertain or teach people at both private and public events, such as continuing care centres, schools, corporate events, birthdays, weddings, and festivals. You name it!

Private Lessons - Julie, Birkley, and Krystal regularly offer private lessons from beginner to advanced levels, either in their home studios or at the ballroom. Contact them for yours!

Rentals - The Sugar Foot Ballroom is available to rentals! It is also available for very-affordable rehearsal bookings in the $8-$18/hr range. Check out
Rentals and Bookings.

A Little Inspiration

A note from Krista: New to Sugar Swing, I am just overjoyed with this community. What a wonderful, welcoming, and upbeat group of dancers you all are. If I haven't yet met or danced with you, please don't be shy. I am very happy to be a part of Sugar Swing! From me to you:

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion." - Martha Graham

Check out this Lindy Hop Finals competition from 2006, if you haven't already seen!

Get Connected

For more information on classes or the Sugar Swing community, visit us at:
Facebook - Sugar Swing
Facebook - Sugar Foot Ballroom
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End Newsletter


Happy Dancing!

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Birkley Wisniewski, Editor
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